Nearly one century has passed since Leonardus Bell changed the world with his invention of the steam engine. The invention not only had technological impact on the Nation, but it brought about great social and political change. With Bell came a pack of young scientific and philosophical minds that shed light on previously dark areas, providing rational explanations for the seemingly unexplainable. The new, enlightened ideas quickly made their way into political office. The new thinkers dismantled the traditional royal monarchy regime and instituted a strong, centralized oligarchy that has been focused on growth and prosperity.

But all this change came at a cost to some. Magic, formerly a sacred and rare art has been reevaluated by society. In an age of rational thinking, the phenomenon of magic has come under suspicion and scrutiny. Where sorcery used to be awed, it is now distrusted. Magic still exists in small, clandestine sects. In the Andor Mountains to the north, it is said that a thriving, but small magic-practicing community is growing. Additionally, old wizards have been seen passing the arcane arts on to their grandchildren when they no one is watching.

The Nation is stronger now than it has ever been. Thanks to steam technology, industry is booming. A circle of proud and brilliant leaders who wish to expand leads the Nation. The Nation is pushing its boundaries and exploring new frontiers. This is a new age of logic, technology, and progress.

The Age of Progress

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