The Age of Progress

Adventure 2

A column of National soldiers arrived in town at night while an immense lightning storm took place over the mountains. The soldiers seize the barracks for themselves, forcing the players to sleep in a tent outdoors. The next day, the players escorted a military intelligence officer to the goblin encampment in the forest. The officer fell into a trap while the players were ambushed by a group of goblins. After eliminating the foes, the players continued into the forest where they were attacked by a group of beasts. Before slaying the beasts, a figure emerged from the brush and halts the players. He introduced himself as Theon Greenbeard, a dwarf who was outcast from the dwarven civilization in the mountains hundreds of years ago. He told the players that he is worried about the expanding goblin presence and that he fears that the lightning storm atop the mountain was not caused by natural forces. At night, he lead the players on an attack on a goblin encampment closer to the foot of the mountains. On the boss goblin, the players found a powerful crystal. Greenbeard tells the players that the crystal is a dangerous magic amplifying substance found in the mountains.

Adventure 1

Royce ordered the players to begin cutting a path through the forest towards the Goliath mountains. Royce told the players that the path will be used by additional military squads that will be arriving in Knuel shortly. The players encountered a goblin encampment in the forest and eliminated all of the enemies. In a large tent, they found a map detailing a plan of attack against Knuel. The players rushed back to town to inform Royce. At night, goblins attacked Knuel. After the players defeated the goblins, they uncovered the truth about their commanding officer. Royce is actually an Eladrin merchant using the military as a cover for his drug growing operation. The players agreed not to disclose his identity and help him in the quest for profit.

Introductory Adventure

You set up camp in a seemingly abandoned farmhouse in a region called the Dead Plains. At night, you were awoken by an attacking force of the living dead. You fought against the members of a necromantic cult who had taken Royce hostage. After defeating the foes, you kept traveling north to Knuel.


You have just begun your mandated two years of military service. You have been sent to the old trading post town, Knuel, for special training

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