The town of Knuel is situated at the foot of the Goliath Mountains, on the western coast of the continent. Locals claim that the town once served as a trading post between the dwarves of nearby Mount Knuel and humans of a small, long forgotten kingdom. However, neither the existence aforementioned kingdom nor the dwarves of Mount Knuel has been acknowledged by the National Historical Society.

Knuel has a particularly cold and snowy climate, with a winter lasting over three quarters of the year. The brief summer period is lively and green. To the west of Knuel is the Gelid Sea, to the east is frozen wastes, and immediately to the north is Mount Knuel. The mountain’s presence perpetually looms over the town.

The National government established a small military outfit in Knuel five decades ago. The outfit is complete with a one room button making factory and a small barracks. The outfit is under the command of Knight Captain Weymar Joyce.

Knuel’s economy is driven by cobhead fishing is the Gelid Sea and button making at the military outpost. Most locals are involved in the fishing industry in some way.


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